Canyoning – Create Your own Adventure! by Nahjie Laflouf

Imagine being immersed in the veins of an island, experiencing Dominica’s raw and natural beauty in unique canyons that run from mountains to ocean. These canyons were formed over thousands of years as a result of water carving its way through the volcanic rock. Today, many breath-taking passages range from flat river beds to over 600 feet deep gorges. The only way to access and explore these magnificent places is through the use of special equipment, along with trained techniques. It’s relatively easy to learn from expert guides, for those brave enough to try.

Under a waterfall.

Dominica is home to nine volcanoes and has an average of 318 inches of rain per year. This unusual combination provides the perfect environment for some of the best “classic,” that is, “wet canyons” in the world. They definitely stand out, and are safer to explore due to the overall small size of the Nature Island. Therefore, the risk of flash flooding is not as high here as in other places, where it could be raining hundreds of miles upstream, and catch you by surprise.

We invite you to come and experience untouched nature hidden beneath the sun-lit canopy, jump into crystal clear pools away from crowds and rappel alongside cascading waterfalls on an epic adventure. Or – simply float on your back, peaking at the blue sky through tiny spaces in the thick canopy above.

Admittedly, canyoning is not for everyone, but the people who take part in this unique sport describe it as falling in love all over again! The easy access and exit points to several of Dominica’s canyons enable visitors with absolutely no canyoning/swimming experience to partake in what some describe as the experience of a lifetime.

The canyons on Dominica vary in size, length and difficulty.  Easy beginner trips of about two hours involve small 5 – 25-foot jumps and relatively easy rappels. Advanced trips consist of two days with 60-foot jumps and rappels of just under 300

First jump.

feet to explore places that most people will never see. Therefore, you can create your own adventure package: from short and easy, to more advanced or even extreme routes, taking longer times and providing plenty of adrenaline rushes.

When you book your trip with canyoning experts such as Extreme Dominica, they will give you a wetsuit, life jacket, helmet, harness and introductory training for canyoning. From there, they’ll take you directly to the canyon where your adventure truly begins.

Due to the technicalities of rappelling, there is a limit to the number of visitors who can participate in this activity.   In return, the unimaginable beauty of these pristine locations is better preserved. The waterfalls that gush out of rocks in every direction, massive natural swimming pools that have been carved out by Mother Nature, and  unique plant and  animal species that flourish in their undisturbed habitat  indicate that the canyons in Dominica are nothing less than spectacular!

Nahjie Laflouf lives in the mountain village of Laudat and has been exploring the canyons and wilds of Dominica since he was a child.  As an advanced adventure guide, he offers canyoning through his own company, and is a partner with Extreme Dominica.

In a tight canyon.

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